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BSOD after frequent gaming

BSOD with different reasons stated each time!

BSOD 4 times last month - Different error codes

BSOD when opening programs or saving data

bsod while playing minecraft

BSOD various types

BSOD after bootup - Seems to be in a loop

Various BSOD

BSOD on Start up


Random multiple BSOD different error codes

BSoD - Locale: 1033

Various BSOD errors during normal use and sleep

BSOD watching video and sometimes browsing IE or FF

BSOD On Lenovo ThinkPad T510

BSOD dump help

BSOD while booting certain games

blue screen problem increased

Windows 7 with XP have blue screen after Hibernate

Windows 7 Crashes Restart with Blue Screen

8 months of hard crashes/lockups and FINALLY a BSOD to read

Blue screen BSOD on 3 times a day at random points.

BSOD's after clean install of 7 professional.

BSOD is killing the laptop

BSOD With Crashdump (while watching youtube)

System hangs or BSOD coming out of Hibernate

BSOD 5 mins after start up

BSOD At random times different drivers.


Random BSOD on Win7 x64

BSOD while playing any game

Getting BSOD on Windows 7

Windows 7 logo/flag flashes during boot process

Windows 7: BlueScreen - BCCode: 7a

BSOD while using skype

BSOD on startup

Blue screen and freezing

BSOD problem

Random BSOD - 2nd this week

BSOD 1st time new system

Bluescreen again & again in windows 7 . please help!

BSOD while booting

Random BlueScreens

BSOD with first attempted use of XP Mode

BlueScreen on new system

BSOD on HP Laptop (Dump Files

BCcode : 7a

Help - W7 Install leads to BSOD or WHITE screen.

I'm getting blue screen on computer

BSOD after computer barely booted up

Windows 7 BSOD on First Boot Up

BSOD 0x00000009F random shutdown

BSODs start to appear since a month ago

Keep getting Blue screen error in windows 7 x64 Ultimate

BSOD during starcraft 2

BSOD Problems that comes randomly

BSOD opening facebook video

BSOD When Turning Computer Back On After Hibernation or Standby

BSOD come out of nowhere while using laptop

BSOD possibly related to graphics card

BSOD on computer shut down

BSOD during Windows Update after fresh SSD install

BSOD occurring randomly

BSOD error that I would like to troubleshoot

Getting BSOD

BSOD while pc is not in use

BSOD after 1-5 minutes ingame

BSOD when clicking shutdown/restart

Multiple BSOD's

New laptop experiencing frequent BSOD!

BSOD after re-installing Windows several times

BSOD randomly occurs. Twice while gaming. Once

Blue Screen make me crazy. :(

BSOD on Dell Inpiron 560s after installing new RAM and new GFX card

Multiple BSOD fixed a few still some occuring

Help Please - Blue Screen of death

BSOD Frequently

BSOD after brand-new Windows re-installation

Bluescreens on my new PC

crashing and bsod

Random BSOD at reboot and in the middle of using computer

bluescreen of death: analysis file 102016-32307-01

BSOD playing games with Steam. Multiple error messages.

Dell Vostro 1015 Laptop giving blue screen error

BSOD either b/c of overheating or while playing videos

Just had a BSOD during boot

Blue Screen when Opening Flash Media Encoder 2.5

I think my HDD is giving me blue screens

BSOD coming randomly

BSOD came back

BSOD While launching and playing games on brand new HP ENVY 15-3202TX

BSOD - Windows 7 often for no reason

My First BSOD - During FireFox

BSOD after installation win7 64bit

BSOD - Please help!

BSOD Shortly After Login

blue screen O. D.

Frequent BSOD on new build W7 PC

BSOD no Errors or blue screen - Playing High End Graphics games

BSOD after windows update

Bluescreen when i try too Install or repair.

BSOD after startup

BSOD is back.

Here's my BSOD problem :)

BSOD on startup with more than 1 hard drive

3 different BSOD's

Random BSOD on W7

BSOD new

BSOD even after clean install

Continued Blue Screen on New Computer

Regular BSODs after reinstalling OS

Randon BSOD during booting

Bluescreen Toshiba

BSOD on cold startup everytime; 0x124_4 error

BSOD help

BSOD after win 7 install

Random BSOD Win7 64bit

blue screen

Complex BSOD/repair problem

BSOD playing any game

BSOD while doing just about anything

Random blue screen of death.

BSOD crashing programs

BSOD windows 7 HELP!

Win 7 64 BSOD Errors

Random blue screening

Loads Of BSODs On New PC During Normal Use.

BSOD occuring daily at random times

Another bluescreen

BSOD reoccurs even after fresh install


BSOD problem on my laptop

BSOD At start up - W7ULT - Memory BSOD related

BSOD on resume from standby

Bsod with intel cpu but I have AMD

Randomly BSOD at Start Up

Constant blue screens of death.

Modification of a System Code or Critical Data Structure BSOD

Occasional BSOD after starting up windows

Random BSOD every 10 hours or so

BSOD when attempting to launch a game.

BSOD after update KB2183461

Frequent BSOD on Win 7 64 bits

BSOD Issue at random times

7 BSOD shutdown

Win 7 Ultimate repeated BSODs

BSOD Random after Startup

Windows 7 - BSOD - Minidumps

Random blue screen of death occuring about 2 times a week

Different BSOD while doing various things.

I am having random screen flashes and then blue screen

BSOD during netflix or games

BSOD dump info

BSOD Multiple Reasons

BSOD with no reason - Stop error

Random Bsod mainly after Pc reset BugCheck F4

blue screen death

BSOD during very long shutdown

Unseen BSOD after shutdown hang

BSOD playing demanding games

BSOD survived windows 7 reinstall?

BSOD new system

BSOD upon logging into the desktop

Suden BSOD on 2 month HP Pavillion dm3 Laptop

Blue Screen after start up

BSOD Windows 7

BSOD - Fresh install

Blue Screens / Crashes

Recurring BSOD when adding/uploading files

BSOD. 8 different errors. More common playing GW2.

Blue Screen of death Crash help!

BSOD Happening Randomly

BSOD with display card driver? Please help

Blue Screen afd.sys

Help with BSOD

BSOD on a new PC

Intermittent BSOD on boot after splash

BSOD for the first time after updating the drivers

Permanent BSOD with Win7 HomePremium x64

BSOD when accessing public wifi networks.

Constant BSOD mostly while gaming

Still getting BSOD after fresh install of win7 on new ssd with new ram

BSOD upon booting

Various BSOD reboots

BSOD on Windows update

Graphics Card Cause Multiple Blue Screen Errors?

Different BSODs on internet related things

Blue Screen While Projecting

BSOD upon opening certain programs after Win 7 reinstall

BSODs with different error messages


Need Help w/ Blue Screen of Death

BsoD randomly appearing on Win7 x64

BSOD when leaving computer on for a little while

BSOD while gaming (never used to happen)

bsod computer shut down to prevent damage error

Blue Screen Crashes

BSOD after 1

Blue screen error message

BSOD General Computer Usage

Random bluescreens. please help im new here

Been having spontaneous BSOD's for a while

Windows 7 64bit Asus G73jw Bsod

BSOD help i cant figure it out HELP!

BSOD bugcheck

Rare BSOD; unable to recreate

Plugging HDMI cable into laptop BSOD

BSOD kernel_data_inpage_error after install new ssd

Blue board appears after shutdown.

New BSOD! :( - Please help

Random BSOD New acer laptop

Several BSoDs and PC restarts

IRQ problem causing Blue screen crash

Bsod when playing steam games

BSOD at user login screen with error 0x000000c4

Erratic BSOD issue with new build

BSOD on every atemptt logging in: please help!

BSOD when computer is coming out of sleep

BSOD only when watching videos

Blue screen when playing game

BSOD need help to troubleshoot and repair. Thank you!

Bsod at random times. bugcheck code 19

BSOD after standby

Blue screen unexpectedly

BSOD with multiple triggers(startup

Windows7 64bit BlueScreen error! Help needed please!

BSOD causing me heartache

BSOD on startup HP computer came preloaded with OS

Blue Screen Locale ID: 1033 (Paged Fault in not paged area)

Why Bsod?

BSOD Before and after fresh windows install

BSOD crashes at all the time

New Bluescreen

[BSOD] Blue screen after sleep/hibernate

New BSOD Errors With Video Card

BSOD on some boots

Win 7 Random BSOD / Frozen Initialization Disk For Crash Dump

regarding Problem :BlueScreen

constant bluescreens

BSOD help please New install

Blue screen ACPI error after installing a New Graphics Card plz HELP

BSOD after fresh Install why?

Have a BSOD issue

BSOD upon starting StarCraft 2

BSOD playing Skyrim

Just recently been plagued with Blue screens

BSOD - different codes come out each time

BSOD when CPU is working hard (Gaming)

I hear this is the place to go for BSOD help.

Need Help With BSOD

BSOD on Shutdown and Going to Sleep

Computer BSOD's When it Realizes It's Alone

Blue Screen Appears from time to time

BSOD Problem :S

Light blue screen

Windows 7 Blue Screen Crash - Help Please

BSOD: stop error while running specific programs

Startup BSOD. help.

BSOD whenever I go to online games

Laptop Blue screens!

BSOD on hibernate - different error messages

Random BSOD on a new computer

BSOD after windows loading screen

PC randomly turns off (blue screen of death.)

Bsod win 7

BSOD's after trying to do repair installation

BSoD Message

BSOD - Crashes in Game

BSOD frequently while gaming on STEAM

Blue Screen On Dell Desktop

Blue Screen Crash

Blue Screens while away from the computer

BSOD diagnosis please?

Frequent BSOD after major PC crash

Consistently getting BSOD throughout a variety of applications

BSOD in new Win7 64bit machine

BSOD sometime during sleep

BSOD - Usually after computer awakes out of sleep mode

BSOD - Possibly related to downloading with Steam

BSOD while playing all games for a set period of time.

BSOD when downloading larger files (including Windows Update)

BSOD - STOP: 0x00000116

BSOD after windows startup

Many BSoDs and Issues After Factory Reset

BSOD - Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook

getting blue screen frequentlty dailly almost 10-15 times

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

BSOD ***STOP & boot loop at random times

BSOD every time i turn on PC

BSOD since getting new videocard

RAM related BSOD - Minidumps attached

Random BSOD - Fresh install

BSOD - New and powerful computer - possibly related to audio drivers

help plz blue screen

In big need of BSOD minidump help!

BSOD on start up after fresh install.

bsod in 1 day using windows 7

BSOD when downloading anything at all

BSOD often Doing nothing

Error screen

Windows 7 x64 BSOD while streaming movies to my TV.

BSOD while starting up system

Blue Screen of Death --Fix Needed--

Blue screening random

Bluescreens after regular 2 week periods of no crashes

BSOD registry edit

BSOD playing Diablo 3

BSOD Stop:0x0000003D Doing random things or when shutting down.

Blue Screen and/or Freezing in Home Premium

BSOD while on YouTube

BSOD happens randomly

BSOD Problems persisting after clean install

Sporadic BSOD on a new build

Windows 7: Blue Screen after loading screen

BSOD on users Laptop

BSOD seems browsing related

bsod happening during windows loading screen (more info inside)

Help! Mah Windows 7 aint starting BSOD error

BSOD when my computer open followed by a shotdown.

Multiple BSOD`s / Crashes / Unexpected Restarts

BSOD upon Restarting or Shutting Down

BSOD during various games

i always get this BSOD ( Please Help )

Random BSOD on HP Pavilion DM1

Win7 64bit BSOD

BSOD & Driver Problem

BSOD while in standby

blue screen of dead (Error: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR)

BSOD error!

So many BSODs

Debugger / Blue Screen of Death help

BSOD playing video game

Windos 7x64 BSOD A

BSOD every few hours on a new machine

BSOD then restart too quick to read during startup

BSOD Problem Help Please?

BSOD with multiple kind of errors!

BSOD caused by GPU? Causing significant problems

Ipod and Ebook causes a BSOD

BSOD at boot

many different BSOD all of the sudden

BSOD at startup

BSOD Attacks

another BSOD issue

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