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OS and Programs Keep Freezing

Laptop Freezes/Crashes After 30 minutes Idle Time

PC Randomly Crashes and Hangs for No Reason?

Computer freezes and monitor becomes unresponsive

system hangs n high fan sound

Constant freezing & BSOD

Screen freeze

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PC freezes

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Sometimes the computer locks up after resuming from Hibernation

Help with system freezing on start-up.

What is causing to overheat/freeze during Steam Game play?

Computer freezes frequently. Help?!

Freezing computer

hangs overnight

I have *freezing* on my PC

Computer freezes after waking up from sleep.

Windows freezing during certain applications

Sleep mode only locks computer after reinstall?

Freezes at Boot

computer freezes after waking it up

windows 7 freezes and restarts intermittently

Windows 7 locks up router

Random Screen freezes

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