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Computer crashed and won't enter safe mode. How do I restore it?

System Repair and Safe Mode won't work.

bsod upon startup only booting in safe mode

Cannot start my windows 7 in safe mode or use recovery function

Windows 7 won't reboot (Error 0xc00000e9) and can't enter Safe Mode?

Computer will only run in safe mode after restoring to factory setting

Can only log on in Safe Mode [Get blue screen otherwise]

Loading Desktop problems

BSOD occurs 15mins after boot in normal mode.

Windows 7 unable to boot in normal or safe mode

how Can i boot My system with a Keyboard key in Windows 7

Windows won't boot even in safe mode

Can't Get Into Safe Mode

Windows 7 resets in Safe mode

Windows won't start - not even in safe mode :(

My laptop only boots in safe mode Help!

Windows won't even boot in safe mood

Explorer running slow in normal mode

Pick a specific program to run in Safemode?

no safe boot

Runs fine in safe mode

can't get out of safe mode

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