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Ei.cfg OEM RETAIL BS! :(


Also, 7 OEM keys do activate more then once. Here is a list of generic keys. Ominstallerade. All rights reserved. navigate here

You will have to use various hacks to get it activated and to get it to validate. Why does the x86 one work, but not the x64? Or what settings should I try in the BIOS [or both]?btw, en_windows_8.1_with_update_x64_dvd_4065090.iso is also known asSW_DVD9_NTRL_Win_8_1_64BIT_English_2_Win_Pro_X19-40141.ISO depending on where you get it[the former is available on several websites; the latter is Bahamut said: ↑ If you have a brand new non-OEM tied board (that Intel one) and a plain old Windows 7 installation DVD (doesn't have to be any specific edition since

Ei.cfg Windows 10

As shipped, Win 7 contains an ei.cfg file, Win 8 does not. 10?23???Windows7 Professional? ????????????????. ??\WIN732\SOURCES?ei.cfg 64???OS??\WIN764\SOURCES?ei.cfg ?????. [EditionID] Professional [Channel] OEM [VL] 0 2)???????????????. But I'm no expert on that aspect of things; help!Thus, if this is the wrong media, what is the "right" media? I'll leave further investigation to you folks :) Cheers! It's an important distinction, hence when people say "I want to reinstall Windows on my laptop but they didn't provide me a disc when I bought it,

Vista was a step forward with its unified discs. To do this you'll need 3 things primarily: 1) Installation files, aka the Windows 7 installation DVD. The COA says the company name on it. Windows 7 Iso Most OEMs distributed their own (customized) XP installers that used the SLIC data properly, but had their own extra crap rolled in on top.The availabilty of VL keys meant that most

HellDiver - ei.cfg changed the way it was used after Windows 7. Зачем было так делать, мне не ясно, Windows 7 позволяла этап ввода. Содержимое ei.cfg: [EditionID] Core [Channel] OEM [VL] Ei.cfg Windows 7 The same was not true for the slightly older en_windows_8_1_x64_dvd_2707217 image. Look in that folder in the $$/setup/scripts folder and you should find at least 3 files: oem.reg (for Registry customization) OOBE.CMD (for running actual scripts) slp.cmd (the cscript commands to install SLIC was a custom ACPI table that contained a public key encrypted OEM certificate.

I use driverpacks to integrate the latest drivers. Windows 10 Iso Enter SLIC. The conclusion that I'm coming to now is that the key on the COA is a non-slp key, which means it can be entered to activate the OS. You need a OEM CD to go along with your OEM key, they accept different keys.

Ei.cfg Windows 7

Interesting enough, they are 100MB different in size, even though both are 64bit. Works everytime. –Mikhail Nov 4 '12 at 14:17 @Mikhail, I don’t see how; they will ask you to re-enter your key, and when you say you don’t have one… Ei.cfg Windows 10 Forge64 Smack-Fu Master, in training Tribus: King of Prussia, PA, USA Registered: Mar 6, 2014Posts: 6 Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:02 pm To further refine my post and get a Ei.cfg Removal Utility I called support after they limited the keys to 1 or 2 and they told me the keys are multi-activation and have activated a product many times using a single key.

You CAN use any Windows 7 disc to reinstall the OS but, it's not going to be activated properly and branded (the branding is the icons, the bitmaps, on the System Sphynx Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: Dark Side of the Moon Registered: May 6, 2010Posts: 1790 Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:05 pm HellDiver wrote:ei.cfg is missing from Windows 8 - so Full or upgrade version is not really the issue (although full is obviously better). After that I kept getting message that my Win 7 was unauthorized, or something like that. Windows 8 Product Key

OEM versions list SP1, but the regular version doesn't specify? solved Vista oem with windows 7 oem, or retail solved need to reinstall Win7 - how can i tell whether the key was for "OEM" or "Retail" media? Perfect, Sep 10, 2010 Mr. his comment is here Hello Now that digital river has removed the windows 7 iso download links if I.

My Dell Precision M4800, ordered a few weeks ago, came with a factory 8.1 install, but the MSDM key is 8.0 RTM, I'm guessing that's to make reinstalls simpler, since I Windows 7 Product Key And edit the ei.cfg file changing it from Retail to OEM. ?Windows 7 ??????sources ?????ei.cfg ,?Windows ???????????,???. [EditionID] Ultimate [Channel] OEM [VL] 0. Buy OEM hardware2.

Again, I have to repeat this is only for OEM installations of any kind; the xrm-ms certificate doesn't apply towards Retail installations, the file simply doesn't exist since it's a license

Last edited: Sep 9, 2010 bigdogchris, Sep 9, 2010 bigdogchris, Sep 9, 2010 #1 Sep 9, 2010 #2 GotNoRice [H]ardForum Junkie Messages: 9,718 Joined: Jul 11, 2001 Call and talk to Volume customers (businesses) were steered towards KMS and MAKs, which are useful but not for Royalty OEMs and/or pirates. Even that small shop might have their own "royalty key" from Microsoft; check it and see what's up. Kmspico That should force it to read the SLIC 3.0/MSDM data and use the embedded OEM key to install and activate.

I go to the store app and select that I have a key. Theme designed by Audentio Design. The issue that happens when someone with an OEM machine decides to reinstall the OS using a disc other than the one provided by the OEM if you even got one weblink There are no longer any "magic keys" which allow an unlimited number of offline activations.

That xrm-ms file must be installed first and then the royalty key installed second; it's a batch file that's done transparently without user intervention as noted). One of them is empty, in the other is a system32 folder then another $oem$ folder. Windows Setup Edition. Wie schon bei Windows Vista ist es auch mit einer Windows 7 Setup DVD moglich, jede beliebige Version von Windows 7 zu installieren. "ei.cfg" file is present in "Sources" directory of