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Windows XP - End Of Life - A Bit Like W2K Bug That Never Happened

And for IT departments, there is a lot that goes into upgrading an entire organization, part of those being money, time, down time, possible system replacements, etc. Things like XOE (Execute Operator Immediately), EK (Electrify Keyboard), SSJ (Select Stacker and Jam), BLNK (Blink Lights), WHR (Whirr), etc. Internet Explorer 5.01 has also been upgraded to the corresponding service pack level. My department will be one of the last to port itself to the new system, which should mean I will have a "new" system on my desktop by January. http://hpwizardstore.com/windows-xp/windows-7-aero-effects-on-windows-xp.html

It supports TCP/IP load balancing and enhanced two-node server clusters based on the Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) in Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise Edition.[104] System requirements are similar to those of In fact I got a computer for my mum and it had Vista. Share twitter facebook linkedin bad form AMD, realy bad form (Score:3, Troll) by budgenator ( 254554 ) writes: on Monday January 21, 2002 @08:24AM (#2875792) Journal A lot of your market itself, no need to bitch about reposts of stories at other sites. Homepage

The KT266A is very nice, it's the fastest DDR implementation out there by far. So I loaded a copy of Linux Mint for free. There is a ton of hardware out there that will never have XP drivers for one reason or another and software compatibility is not always available by a patch or a

For most PC users with IDE drives, it will be /dev/hda . Yep, no virus found, restore last good restore points lasted ½ a day before 100% cpu usage again. That leaves millions of PCs on 'old' OS's. The days when men were men and wrote their own device drivers.

Log In or Register to post comments LyonAdmiral on Aug 9, 2013 Are we objective oriented or procedure oriented? We could easily blow a wad and throw XP out there, but why? No good reason the hardware in the last three years cannot run Windows 7 easily. http://windowsitpro.com/windows-xp/coming-windows-xp-apocalypse All versions of the operating system support NTFS 3.0,[10] Encrypting File System, as well as basic and dynamic disk storage.[11] Support for people with disabilities was improved over Windows NT 4.0

Otto Sykora Basel, Switzerland Log in or register to post comments Wayfarer October 15, 2014 - 10:37am Permalink Make a final release and drop support I was a heavy W2000 user Where do you people come from? Retrieved September 17, 2006. ^ Code Red/Nimda Worm Activity as seen at Archvillain.com ^ a b "Road to Gold: A Look at the Development of Windows 2000". Why didn't everyone upgrade to Windows 7?  They didn't need to.  Since applications provide the real value, Windows XP users had everything they needed.  The applications did everything they needed and

REGEDIT supports right-clicking of entries in a tree view to adjust properties and other settings. http://www.geek.com/news/windows-9x-still-in-use-551698/ Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:NO AMD BASHING (Score:5, Informative) by spauldo ( 118058 ) writes: on Monday January 21, 2002 @04:38AM (#2875399) Why are you worried about running 32-bit code When MS announced that support for XP would stop there was a general panic and almost an immediate decision to jump on the web (intranet) band wagon, and rewrite everything for Your Thoughts I'd like to hear the communities thoughts on this, which is why this post is here.

Retrieved November 13, 2011. ^ "Microsoft Unveils SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 Integration". http://hpwizardstore.com/windows-xp/install-windows-xp-in-addition.html Nvidia + AGP + Irongate + Athlon (Score:4, Interesting) by hack0rama ( 253610 ) writes: on Monday January 21, 2002 @03:53AM (#2875271) Homepage Journal Nvdia drivers forces AGP to 1x due Here's hoping that you don't run linux just for it's Quake 3 scores [theregister.co.uk] though... generate pictures of roughly fixed complexity, saving you the trouble, and also do so in a time-optimized kind of way (while raytracers tend to be more optimized towards producing beautiful results).

What these people don't realize is that by investing a small amount of their profit in technology would result in a greater generation of profit. We do have a secret weapon though that take away all hardware and process concerns and allows us to help our clients migrate with much less pain than you might think: we'll likely upgrade the build process to use Delphi XE7 we will continue to support Windows XP But: Applications built with Delphi 2009-XE2 and VCL will run on Windows 2000 or this content That and the Registry file are the reasons why with every Windows OS version release your memory, cpu and hardware requirements increase.

Retrieved November 13, 2011. ^ "Windows and Power Management". For curious Windows 8 users, the Windows 8.1 Mainstream Support deadline is January 9, 2018, while its Extended Support deadline won’t occur until January 10, 2023, at which time we should Novell.

Most of the arguments about desktop domination center on a few points - MS domination of pre-loaded OS; alternative OS (generally Linux) is not polished enough; alternative OS does not have

Ask any shareholder: few of them want to see CAPEX on IT. In fact, just a few months ago we obosleted a DOS 3.3 box!!! Maybe $1500-2000? I can't wait until it is unhip to be aloof.

Shane Day April 10, 2014 at 2:28 pm "Before Windows XP Microsoft had two PC operating systems. We've passed a point more important than the singularity-the point where the speed of applications is faster than human consciousness (roughly 1/10th of a second). Re:Performance hit? (Score:5, Interesting) by andrewgaul ( 25829 ) writes: on Monday January 21, 2002 @04:23AM (#2875359) Homepage The performance hit for using the smaller pages is mostly unrelated to paging. http://hpwizardstore.com/windows-xp/windows-xp-installation-error.html Log In or Register to post comments WaltC on Aug 6, 2013 There are still many malware-rife W2k boxes in use by small businesses whose owners & managers are still very

So, there's not much reason not to use the later versions. And it has a few annoying bugs in the IDE that were never fixed. Support.microsoft.com. Ron April 10, 2014 at 5:07 pm My family just uses the PC to surf and print.

Inevitable and unavoidable! Windows 95, 98, and ME were interesting products. Yes Vista was late and then arrived almost dead. . Similar to Windows 9x, Windows 2000 supports automatic recognition of installed hardware, hardware resource allocation, loading of appropriate drivers, PnP APIs and device notification events.

Even fully patched XP is already not as secure as Windows 7. It was also the last shrink-wrapped Microsoft product I ever bought. Some things the AMD Athlon actually does faster than a Pentium III, some things it does a little slower, and some things it can't do at all, while other things the With 98 I'm full in control.

I haven't even seen any business use of this as all corporates use XP. The current release of Delphi is XE7 which released this month. The companies that had built Intel chips under license eventually reverse-engineered the chips and built them license-free. Windows 2000 can be installed through either a manual or unattended installation.[16] Unattended installations rely on the use of answer files to fill in installation information, and can be performed through