A massive jackpot key will be given out during the promotion of Free Spin 3.

At the moment, the site’s online casino 888 promotion is taking place on 3 Free Spins, each of which presents the player with the opportunity to win a single jackpot worth 8 888 888 English Pounds. It is now time to spin the reels of the slot machine known as Pirates Million to activate each of the English luck!

Why is it that every person speaks English but not everyone?


Simply said, this deal is only valid for people who are currently residing in the United Kingdom. Players will need to sign up for an account with the online casino 888 in order to take advantage of the current promotion for Pirates Millions. Once your account has been opened, and you have your IDs, the casino will offer you 888 “888 free spin” on the slot machine that has millions of pirates in it!


Pay a visit to the area with the slot machines to get your three free spins and a chance to win this enormous cash. When we talk about the prize, we’re talking about this enormous sum of money, which is comparable to 10.3 million euros; it’s big! And for this jackpot, all you have to do is pull the handle, and if the rotation of the reels shows an extremely unusual combination of winning symbols for the Pirates Millions slot machine, then players will be rewarded more than in the entire history of the game Online, which is where the most huge jackpots have ever been won.


Taking a chance for a more affordable price! What an opportunity next to which we should not pass without mentioning that these Casino888 provides new players a good welcome bonus, with a cash return that is equivalent to 100% of the value of the initial deposit of 124 GBP. What a great way to get started! However, the 888 casino does not stop there. As usual, in order to keep these customers happy, it offers more of the premium deposit, a monthly premium of 10% during the Happy Hours that take place each month… over the course of a year, this comes out to a total of 740 GBP!






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